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General Rules

    These are three of the most popular principles of what internet geeks would call "netiquette".

    Don't purposefully try to incite anger from other members.(Huwag mang-asar)
    Plugging is fine but try not to flood the boards with unsolicited messages.(Sharing is caring. Huwag lang mag-KSP)
    And, in general, try not to disturb. (Translation please)

    Write clearly. Avoid shortcuts and try to use proper (or, at least, understandable) grammar and punctuation. Use ALL CAPS sparingly as too much of it makes the message hard to read (and is also recognized by some people as yelling... which is impolite... apparently).

    The idea here is to try to get people to understand you, not give them headaches.

    Avoid excessive cursing or offensive language. This is probably not too much of a big deal but it's really better to be on the safe side especially since we're not sure how young some of the members can get. (we'll have to talk about this one)

    Keep your signatures small please. We're gonna go by PolyKarbon's standards and cap it at 486x60 pixels.
    Your entire sig (including text) should fit within this much space.

    Why? Signatures that are too tall means people will have to scroll alot more (which can get really annoying if you're a frequent poster). Signatures that are too wide will also mess up the layout. Also, a huge sig is just a plain eyesore.
    The image in your signature should also be less than 80kb in size so as to not aggravate the loading times for people who aren't on fast connections.

    And No. Not the chocolate-covered fish-shaped biscuit snacks.

Rules for the Galleries
In addition to the general rules, these rules apply to the Gallery sections where you can post your drawings.

    Nudity is allowed. We're probably not going to get the CBCP involved on this one but just to be friendly to our younger and more sensitive members, "(WARNING: NUDITY - 13+)" must be appended on the title of the topic.

    Excessive violence and gore kind of follows the same rules as nudity. If you think your drawing contains an amount of violence, blood and/or gore that you think wouldn't be shown on network TV, append a warning label on the title of the topic "(WARNING: VIOLENCE - 13+)". (As sketchtavern says in their own rules, "You never know whose grandmother might be looking".)

    While nudity is fine, any type of pornography posted in this forum will be removed immediately. The person responsible for posting it will be banned.
    Also, please be advised that the terms of the board's image hosting service prohibits pornography which it defines as including, but not limited to, files depicting genitalia, nudity or sexual situations.

  • IMAGE WIDTH LIMIT = 800px:
    To allow people to view your artwork properly at commonly used screen resolutions, keep the width of your images at 800px or less.
    If you want to show people images that are larger than that (usually to emphasize the amount of detail you put in the piece), you can insert a URL instead.

    Do not post other people's drawings and artwork and claim them as your own. When using someone else's lineart, background, stock images, pictures or drawings as elements or references for your drawing, please give them due credit on your post.

    While the usefulness of tracing drawings in the process of learning is something to debate about, posting traced works of other people's drawings here is discouraged (but not prohibited).

    Oh, and some people asked: Yes, posting fanart is fine. Same goes with spoofs and parodies. Knock yourselves out.

When commenting on art:

  • Places like DeviantArt and Side7 are where you can showcase your work, and where you can give all the praise you want. But in addition to being a Filipino manga art forum, this is a learning forum. Therefore, to maximize what we learn from each other when commenting, say what you like or dislike about a piece. A "That rocks!" is fine, you just HAVE to make sure you say why it does or what your favorite part is. That's kind of the minimum requirement but by all means, if you want to give a deeper analysis of someone's work, go ahead.

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