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Thoughts of a Contemplative Artist
There are a lot of things that happen beyond questions of how big the eyes should be or how you should shade clothes to make them look realistic. Some of these things impinge on economic reality, our future choices and our identity as artists, as Filipinos and as human beings.

As people who don't play singular roles in our lives-- who are artists but at the same time students; at the same time, sons and daughters, perhaps fathers and mothers; at the same time, Filipinos or Chinese or Spanish; at the same time, Christians, Muslims, atheists or downright confused; what do the things that happen when we put our pencils down mean for us as artists?

  • "What does it mean to draw for money? How many Filipinos have actually gotten rich in this business?.. or have at least made ends meet? What cool things do they get to do? How'd they get to where they are?"
  • "What does it mean for Filipinos (or any other race/people) to draw using Japanese styles? Is it colonial mentality? Ethnic inferiority complex? Unoriginality? A tendency to copy everything?"
  • "A lot of people can call a lot of different styles 'Japanese', 'Manga' or 'Anime'. But at the extremes of cartoony-ness and realism, these different styles can have very little in common. So what the heck do these terms really mean? What can you say about the stereotype of 'big eyes, small mouth, blue hair'? What is it about the idea of 'manga' that seriously turns some people off?"

This section is the place to talk about questions like these.
So? What kinds of thoughts have come across your mind as you've continued to pursue this artform?

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